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Welcome to the Porch Home Goods shop!  The place where you can find lots of lovelies for your porch sittin' time.  Sit back, relax, and shop!

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Sitting on the porch is a staple of most Southern areas in the US, it contributes to a happy, healthy atmosphere, for those sitting and also those passing by. Of course, it’s a lot more common during good weather, especially on warm summer nights and weekends. You should check out Porch Home Goods like our swings or benches to find a great place to sit on a nice summer evening.

Porch sitting was once considered a status symbol because it meant you had leisure time. You can still have leisure time today; however, you have to slow down enough to take that time. If you mosey through the items in the Porch Home Goods Shop you may just find the perfect piece for your front or back porch. A nice big rocking chair to while away an afternoon chatting with a friend. Or a nice porch swing upon which you may sit with a neighbor sharing an iced tea.

Porches were a necessity before air conditioning, whether it was a screened-in sleeping porch or the veranda where mint juleps and plenty of gossip was exchanged. The porch provides a great transitional space between the private world of a family and the public area of the rest of the world. Today, many homes don't have that transitional space, other enticements draw people inside the home - TVs computers, schoolwork, etc. But, you can share your porch space when you shop in the Porch Home Goods area of Porch Patio Home and find that perfect table for your iced tea or mint julep!